What We Do

Terragility provides expert unmanned system consulting and development services to the U.S. Army and other entities ranging from State and local governments to international clients.  Possessing a staff of both professional mechanical and electrical engineers specializing in aviation and robotics, Terragility is able to provide a level of system development, customization, and improvement not offered anywhere else in the industry. 

Too often in the unmanned industry, especially with unmanned aerial systems (UAS), companies develop a system with certain performance specifications and sell that system to entities all over the globe without any customizations to account for specific environmental conditions, manner of operation intended, or future plans of the client such as integrating a different payload that may affect flight performance.  It is common for clients to purchase these systems and quickly find that once fielded in their unique environment and application, the system does not perform as it was marketed. 

Terragility takes into account all factors and variables of the client’s application that affect performance and longevity of these systems, components, and sub components including density altitude, ambient temperature, intrusion of the environment (sand, rainfall, etc) and account for degradation of performance over time.  Real world testing in the manner and environment in which the client intends to use the system is critical to client success.


Services we provide include:

  • Endurance/Run time

    Improvements via tuning, power system upgrade, custom battery, etc

  • GPS Upgrades

    For high precision accuracy (RTK/PPK mapping, navigation, etc)

  • Component Swap

    Or redesign to account for salt spray, sand, etc

  • Structural Enhancements

    To improve vibration concerns or enhance strength

  • Communications, Video Transmitter, and Receiver Upgrades

    For improved range or regulation needs

  • Proper Selection of Propulsion Components and Controller Tuning

    Achieve specific performance standards

  • Autopilot and Tuning Improvement

    To accomplish a specific manner of operation/flight profile

  • Integrations of Desired Sensors,

    Including RGB, Radiometric Thermal, Lidar, Methane Detection, etc.

  • Custom Development and Integration of Payloads


Types of Unmanned Systems Terragility Provides Support For

Drone technology expedites the data collection process and enhances the quality and amount of information yielded. This approach enables engineers to inspect greater expanses of land more frequently and efficiently.

  • Class 1, 2, and 3 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

  • Multirotor, Fixed Wing and VTOL Systems

  • Gasoline, Gasoline Hybrid, and Electric Systems

  • Wheeled and Tracked Rovers/Crawlers